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mahatma gandhi

By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit.

Mahatma Gandhi

“Education is the means by which we can tidy up our minds, acquire informations ,as well as a sense of values. Education should give us not only elements of general knowledge or technical skills but also impart to us that bent of mind, that attitude of reason ,that spirit of democracy which will make us responsible citizen of our country”.

The above quotes of Dr.S.Radhakrishnan has inspired us to launch the foundation for our institution on “our Holy Day” of 19th June 2009.Since this day we serve our community with special emphasis on education. We are always focusing to insist the current developments of educational scenario to our pupils. A contemporary study has revealed that” A baby smiles 400 times a day, a teenager 19 times and an adult hardly smiles” .In accordance with this we are dedicated to extend the joy of growing mind through our educational pattern and lead them in a glorious and prosperous path of future life.

The locality of our institution draws the attention of the world on 1992.A devasted earth quake rocked the district. It has killed many people and deserted lakhs of people .In addition to this callousness of verdict repeated droughts and other calamities followed year by year. These hazardous situations adversely affected the social and economic life of the people .In this miserable condition people have no option to send their children to the far distanced centers of education by bearing the heavy expences. Inorder to survive this crucial situation of our community, our team of directors joined together with a solution- that the establishment of this institution.

Our Teachers at the initial stage inspired the students by various activities and play way of teaching . This become a good attraction for the children and parents .Initially ,we started this institution with nominal staff and nominal students .After some persistence, children began coming and later the admissions followed as well over years. Now we provides quality education for the students of more than 30 villages in and around of our vicinity.

Through our tireless effort and the team work of staff, education has brought a huge change in the mindset of the people of these villages. Our Curriculum in the school is based on the syllabus approved by the Maharashtra State’s Education Board. Apart from academics we are providing various extracurricular activities and sports that for all round growth of children.”Responsibility to the growing generation” is our utmost motto. So in the name of this institution we will perform it in our level best. We assist the students in maximizing their abilities and instilling in the sense of abiding values.

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Inspired directors

School is situated in the rural area from Latur district. The People from this area were trying to migrate towards urban area for the education of their children. So some of our directors come together and planned to start one new English medium school in ujani only to stop migration of peoples. So the children from poor families can learn education like urban area in their area and in affordable fees also. Now the school is running successfully and the children from near about 35 neibouring villages are taking quality education.

Dedicated Teachers

At Mahatma Gandhi English School everyone, especially the teachers, are expected to engage in lifelong learning. the majority of the faculty at MGES has multiple degrees from esteemed institutions, and engages in their subjects outside of school as well. MGES uses the technique of online curriculum “mapping,” which allows teachers to monitor the progress of each other’s classes, collaborate to seek out gaps or new opportunities within the curriculum, even watch for warning signs that may suggest a particular student is falling behind. 


Quality Infrastructure

Education has consistently been recognized as the cornerstone of development for any country or region, and one of the highest return rewarding development activities. Education outcome is influenced by a number of factors, infrastructure being one of them. School infrastructure, its design, quality and day to day management is significant in enabling school system to deliver improved education outcomes. It broadly encompasses land and building, quality of facilities and the overall design

Bringing Excellence

Putting a positive eye forward the rural area people, for developing an excellent quality education in each and every child.  Quality education aims at developing a balanced set of capabilities of children they require to become economically productive, develop sustainable livelihoods, contribute to peaceful and democratic societies and enhance individual well-being.

A message from Hon. President


It is my great pleasure to address the visitors of this Web Site in the name of Mahatma Gandhi English School , Ujani .Being an educationalist my concept is that “Knowledge is more precious than anything in the life of human beings.”With this concept and motivation we laid the foundation for our school in the vicinity of Ujani.

Mahatma Gandhi English School has made a remarkable progress in the past seven years of its

Journey. As a parent , you certainly need the best for your child. The management and teachers take great pride in striving hard to fulfill your expectations.

The school management , parents, students and teachers-all form a team and complement each other’s efforts. We believe the education should not be merely a process of providing skills to build a career but should be an instrument to form a well-rounded citizen with strong ethical and moral foundations.

As you would be aware, our area has been hit by severe droughts and harsh weather conditions over past years. The people in the region are finding it immensely difficult to lead their daily lives .Despite these adverse conditions , we are proud to say that our parents are sending their children to our school with entire confidence. Our institution is not aiming profit but aiming the welfare of our community .We are providing education for our children in nominal fees compared to the nearby schools of this area, with all infrastructures. Throughout our past years our school and students excelled in curriculums and inter related sectors. The school has also taken major leaps in enhancing its infrastructure and investment into better facilities for the students.

We achieved this progress with the sincere efforts of our Body of Directors, staff and our learning community. In this platform I offer my sincere thanks to you all for your esteemed efforts and supports in our venture ,and I look forward for your continued collaborations and close association of all you in our forthcoming days.

With regards,

Dr. Maya Jagdish Patil
Swami Samarth Bahuudeshiya Shikshan Prasark Mandal, Ujani.              

Board of Directors

Dr. Maya Jagdish Patil


Mr. Pravin Koparkar

Vice President

Mr. Kishor Jaju

Mr. Rameshwar Oza
Deputy Secretary

Mr. Padmakumar Jangame

Mr. Shashikant Dhaddu

Mr. Dwarkadas Soni

Dr. Balasaheb Gangane

Mr. Vasudev Oza

Mr. Ramdas Walke

Mr. Raghunath Walke

Mr. Vaijnath Rodage

Mr. Omprakash Somani

Mr. Gautam Jadhav

Mr. Ravi Joshi

Account details for online donations

Acc. Name: Shri Swami Samarth Bahhudheshiya Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Ujani
Bank -State Bank of India
Ifsc Code-SBIN0003800
Branch-Ujani, Tal: Ausa, Dist: Latur
Pin: 413520

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Let us remember...

One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher
can change the world.

From Principal's desk

Dear Mahatma Gandhi School Families ,Community Members and Visitors to this Web Site,

Mahatma Gandhi School is an exclusive institution that prides itself on creating strong parent, teacher ,student and community relationship .It is the best place for our children to thrive. We are committed to laid the foundation for each student one step further in the journey of their future life. We are committed to provide positive experience for the students and parents as well as our community. We believe that parent and community partnerships and collaborations are an important fact for the success

As a Principal , I do not think that the position of Principal is just merely a job, but as an opportunity to serve this learning community and to lead them with my responsibility. As the custodian of our young minds , with my personal experience and educational experience ,it is my great task to build a foundation for life long learning. The affection-innocence of our children, great support for my endeavour from parents community and all our supporters are initiating me to do more for this community, though it is not a simple task.

 ‘Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested ,all your life. We must have life-building, man-making, character-making, assimilation of ideas”-Swami Vivekananda.

I am always stick with the above quotes. My belief is that every student is worthy and can learn, and it is my responsibility to support them in all their attempts with open mind and thoughts .Education is not just a process of getting knowledge to find out a job in future but a life long process which creates an understanding of ethical and moral values to lead the life and make the growing generation as the future hope of our nation. So our academic program is tailored specifically to meet the needs our children. I also want all children love the school and affectionate to their teachers. With the collaborative efforts of staff we are trying our level best to thrive our children in all ways possible.

I aim at making education a total learning experience, with integral development. We aspire to provide the young people a sound basis for Higher education as well as life. Excellence and Equity are our twin goals.

Our school must be a spot for the development of each child’s intellectual, physical capabilities. Our last long years, we proved it proudly. Our kids are our wealth ,our reputation builders .So, I promised to provide our students the essentials needed for success in a safe and warm environment . I am passionate to shape them into mentally alert, socially sensitive and morally committed individuals. 

Mrs. A. P. Oza


Teaching Faculties at MGES

Mrs Oza A. P.

MA. B.Ed Principal

Mr. Kambale R. R.

BA, B.Ed (Phy) Vice Principal

Mr. Dhavan K. V.

Mr. Dokade S. C. 
BA, B Ed (TGT)

Mr. Shelke V. R. 

Mr. Patil K. B.

Mr. Patil A. H.
BA, ATD Art & Craft Teacher (PRT)

Mr Walke S. B.

Mr. Mane M. S.
MA B Ed Teacher (TGT)

Mr. Savase S. B. 

Mr. Bansode S. T.
M Sc, M Ed (TGT)

Mr. Nelson Miranda
M Sc, B Ed (TGT)

Mrs. Shikhare K. S.

Mr. Banshetty M.M.
M.Sc (PRT)

Mr. Sontakke S.G.
M.A. B Ed (TGT)

Mr. Bhojane G.S.
B Sc (PRT)

Mr. Patil Ajit H.
BA (Clerk)